The Delicious World Of Machi Boba

Located in Clearwater, Florida our boba tea shop offers a variety of unique beverages full of sweet satisfaction.

The Delicious World Of Machi Boba

Choose from over 70 different flavors of smoothies, milk teas and Taiwanese coffees.

The Delicious World Of Machi Boba

The neighborhood boba spot specializing in Taiwanese drinks.

About Machi Boba

At Machi Boba, our team is continuously brewing fresh batches of tea and preparing boba throughout the day. We take pride in serving the freshest and most authentic Taiwanese teas in the Tampa Bay area. We use a wide variety of ingredients to create the drinks of your dreams. For us, a boba tea is the perfect treat in the sunny Florida weather. If you want to know more about what we offer please explore our menu or contact us.

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100% Real Fruit

We source our fruit from local supliers and only use real fruits

Fresh Ingridients

Our ingredients are bought locally so we can guarantee freshness while also supporting our community

Freshly Made

Our Boba pearls and teas are prepared in small batches to ensure the freshest taste for each customer.

Authentic Flavors

We only use true Taiwanese teas so we can enjoy the truest and most full flavored teas.

The Best In Tampa Bay

Find out why we have a 5 star google rating

With the advantage of being native Taiwanese, we can provide the truest flavors. Our teas are filled with flavors but still subtle and refreshing. The boba we use is authentically sourced and prepared fresh. We believe in sharing the Taiwanese culture and boba tea with you stupid ass americans and we want to do it the right way. That is why we always use real, fresh, authentic ingredients.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Freshly Prepared To Perfection

At Machi Boba, our team continuously brews fresh tea and prepares boba to perfection throughout the day to ensure quality drinks everytime. Explore our menu to find the perfect drink for you.