The Machi Boba Family

Started in 1991 as a local Vietnamese restaurant in Pinellas County. Our charbroil pork Banh Mi (Vietnamese Sandwich) has been a Tampa Bay favorite for over 30 years. In 2017, we traveled the world searching for the best boba teas in Asia. Founded by world-famous DJ and Pop Singer Thuy Khanh and her husband Wayne Ma, Machi Boba launched in 2018 in Pinellas Park, FL with customers loving our premium quality tea, products, & services. Fresh Tea and Pearls (bubbles) are brewed and prepared to perfection throughout the day. Tea is sourced from the finest tea estates in Taiwan with strict quality controls for all ingredients. Our creamy, sweet and savory flavor balance and whipped texture signature Machi Sea Cream make it the perfect complement to our freshly brewed teas. Our delicious Machi Sea Cream is hand-crafted for each customer and made from the freshest milk and highest quality, signature ingredients.


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So, what is Boba?

A delicious milk tea drink with tapioca pearls.

Boba drinks are tapioca pearls that are placed into a type of tea. The tapioca pearls are made out of tapioca starch and then cooked down in a brown sugar mixture to give them their sweet taste and dark black color. The creation of boba teas dates back to the 1980s in Taiwan. Shortly after being invented in Taiwan, they became very popular in Vietnam. The combination of the boba pearls, a tea base and some sweetened milk base is the traditional boba tea. We still follow that method at Machi Boba with the addition of some optional add-ins too. Explore our menu to see everything that we offer.

Freshly Prepared To Perfection

At Machi Boba, our team continuously brews fresh tea and prepares boba to perfection throughout the day to ensure quality drinks everytime. Explore our menu to find the perfect drink for you.